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Pay Per JOb For Local Service Businesses

Can you handle more jobs everyday? If YES, get ready to make more $$$ 

Our Business

Pay Per Job

Influx Sales is a simple service that drives phone calls from local customers to your business.

Most marketing companies that provide lead generation services will charge you regardless of the outcome of their calls.

With us, the only time you’re charged is when you book an appointment with one our leads. There are no set up costs or other fees for our service.

Try Us Out

No deposit required

There is no money upfront required to get started.

Influx Sales only charges after your team has booked an appointment with one of our leads so there’s no paying for leads upfront or big retainer to manage ad accounts.

We send you business first before you pay us!

The Way It Should Be

Transparent Reporting & Billing

Every customer call sent to your business goes through a call tracked number and is recorded, analyzed and reported to you every two weeks.

We mark each call that resulted in a booked appointment so you’ll always know what you’re being charged for.

Why companies partner with us

Our business model means that we dont get paid unless our partners are booking business. We grow together with our partners and we’re dedicated to provide the highest quality leads in our industry.

no long term contract

You can pause or cancel your service at anytime.

market exclusivity

We only work with one company per service area.

pricing that makes sense

Our services are affordable. Please inquire for pricing.

We’re Looking For Partners

Our Partner Criteria

We are currently looking for qualifed companies to partner with in residential HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing and Electrical.  

Unfortunately, we can’t work with everybody and we do have a few specfic things that we’re looking for in a new parter.

Liscensed Professionals

We’re looking to work with companeis that are here to stay.

Call Answering System

We depend on your team to book appointments with our leads.

Looking FOr More Business!

Partners should be able to handle an increase in business.






Thinking about partnering with us? Have questions about our service?

You can give us a call or fill out our contact form. When you submit the form we will be in touch within 24 hours.


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